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Academic mobility
International mobility
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Academic Mobility for foraign students

Academic mobility

alumnos de intercambio 2007

The Universidad Politécnica de Madrid's Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros Informáticos (ETSIINF) is one of Spain's most prestigious  and  one of Europe's major higher education institutions offering informatics engineering degrees.  The institutional relations that it has forged ever since its conception with some of Europe's most eminent educational institutions, through either the European ERASMUS exchange network or  special-purpose double degree agreements, are a clear indication of its international ambitions. Also, the ETSIINF is a partner of other international networks and programmes like ERASMUS-MUNDUS, Magalhães-SMILE, GE4, the Spanish-Chinese Programme, GOYA-MUNDUS, ATHENS, VULCANUS, etc.

Internships or grants are available for most of these programmes. Notices announcing internships and grants will be conveniently posted in the internships or mobility sections of the portal bulletin board.

We at the international office deal with the administrative management of mobility and exchanges.


Foraing students in mobility programs

General Information for foraign students in mobility programs



International Programmes

University exchange programmes

Introduction to mobility programs 2016-17

Exchange Programs from the Centre

Bilateral Agreements and Master's Double Diploma

Other information of interest: Languages

PPROLINTER - Languages for internationalization - UPM

Language Training for mobility students


External acreditation exams, TOEIC/TFI, 5th January 2016


WORLD LANGUAGES in B-LEARNING. Continuous Training for all the university community


National and Internationally recognized certificates on languages level


National Programmes

Sicue Programme

Through this programme students at Spanish institutions of higher education can take part of their courses at another university with guaranteed academic and attainment recognition, as well as adaptation to their curriculum profile.

Insitutitions with which the ETSIINF has entered into a SICUE programme agreement.


Andalucía Universidad de Granada
Andalucía Universidad de Sevilla
Canarias Universidad de La Laguna
Canarias Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
Cantabria Universidad de Cantabria
Castilla y León Universidad de León
Castilla-La Mancha Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha
Cataluña Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña
Comunidad Valenciana Universidad de Alicante
Comunidad Valenciana Universidad Jaime I
Comunidad Valenciana Universidad Politécnica de Valencia
Comunidad Valenciana Universidad de Valencia
Extremadura Universidad de Extremadura
Galicia Universidad de Santiago de Compostela
Galicia Universidad de Vigo
Región de Murcia Universidad de Murcia
País Vasco Universidad de Mondragón
País Vasco Universidad Politécnica del País Vasco















Detailed information on the programme is available at UPM



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